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Townsville surveillance investigations by private investigators. Ex-police and experienced. Phone 1300 966 103. Surveillance is the art of seeing without being seen, of taking video or still photographs to support your observations. Free quotes, email, 24/7 inquiries form Investigators, or specific surveillance requests Surveillance Request.

Surveillance is the art of seeing without being seen.  It is the art of recording video footage, or still photographs to support those observations.
Surveillance in Townsville has it's own challenges. Townsville is the largest tropical city in Australia, surrounded by acreage, rural residential and primary production areas, with a large military contingent concentrated within the city.

Surveillance in Townsville covers a diverse area. The Strand has beaches and parks with many open area's. The casino has good access to the public area's but it is difficult to conduct surveillance into the private area's without taking a room. There are problems with parking when events are on at the Entertainment Centre situated next door, as both are on a headland with the port facility to one side, which requires planning ahead.
Flinders Street East's nightclub strip has restrictive policies on entry to some venues, and the low light conditions may not be conducive to good quality footage.
We are used to these challenges, and have developed methods to address them.
Surveillance investigations are utilised in regards to Workers Compensation claims or Workcover investigations, suspicions of criminal activity, including theft from the workplace, gathering intelligence on a persons current activities, private drug investigations, child custody investigations, and to investigate relationship, infidelity suspicions. This is generally covert surveillance.
For information on Townsville Private Investigators services, or surveillance in Townsville, contact us for a free quote.